Boy Scout Ranks

Rank advancement is a key component of the Scouting experience. The ultimate goal for many Scouts is to attain the rank of Eagle. However, rank advancement, while important, is second to the Scout being enriched with experiences and knowledge and, of course, having fun in the process. The ranks within the Boy Scouts of America program are as follows:

Scout RankScout Rank-  

First rank, teaches the basic of scouting.


Tenderfoot RankTenderfoot Rank-

Second rank, teaches Physical Fitness, personal growth and Scout craft.

 Second Class RankSecond Class Rank-

Third rank, teaches more thing in Physical Fitness, Personal Growth,      and Scout Spirit.

First Class RankFirst Class Rank-

Fourth ranks, most boys reach this rank in the first two years.

 Star RankStar Rank-

Third highest rank, this focuses on Merit badges, leadership, and service. 

 Life RankLife Rank-

Second highest rank- Continues to focus on leadership and Merit Badges. 

 Eagle RankEagle Rank-

Highest rank, continues to work Merit badges and scouting. All scouts should strive for this.

To learn more about rank advancements, click here to visit this page for an in-depth look at the BSA Program.


William Holtgen 1960
Lawrence Woestman 1964
Roman Potempa, Jr1964
Stanley Potempa1967
George Kreis1967
Phillip Kosmala1968
George Talbot1968
John Duddek1968
John Farrell1968
Michael Williams1969
James Potempa1969
George Kosmala1971
Lawrence Hill1973
William Sloyan1976
Stephen Hill1977
William Jacobsen1978
Joe Alfano 1980
Jeffery Schulte1981
Mark Hill1983
William Hammer1985
John Noel1985
John Schulz1985
Greg Kelly1988
Todd Nelson1989
Gary Woestmen1990
Matt Terlep1991
Scott Burns1991
Scott Nelson1991
Bill Busking1992
Tom Hornik1992
Jamison Potempa1993
Dan Prim1994
Greg Alpers1994
Chris Grande1994
Matt Siniawski1994
Andrew Belisle1995
Tim Hornik1996
James Bresinger1997
David Burke1997
Kevin Zielinski1998
James Siniawski1999
Matthew DeCeault2000
Kenneth Strosinski2000
Thomas Hayden2001
Vaughn O'Keefe2001
Daniel Crooks2002
Craig Busking2002
Kurtis Blankenship2002
Alexander Erikson2004
Joseph McCudden2004
Scott Goetzinger2005
Kevin Thomas2005
Trevor O'Keefe2005
Martin Jones2005
Nicholas Mustard2005
Ryan O'Keefe2005
David Orzechowski2006
Barrett Evan2006
Douglas Chibe2007
Aaron Beatty2008
Rickie Multon2009
Richard Strache2010
Dan Martin2011
Jim O'Neill2011
Joshua Dinsmore2011
Jacob Potempa2012
Manny Gelfo2014
Patrick Doran2015
Brandon Grage2016
Zack Meegan2016
Tony Esposito2016
Kevin Johnson2017